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eFaith Preaching OnDemand is the leading On Demand Lifestyle platform for people who wish to extend their reach, reward and return through community and streaming media. Our interactive platform enables people the opportunity to deliver their content over the Internet, to a global audience, on demand. eFaith Preaching OnDemand is the online destination for Christian media content. As we strive to support Christian Pastors, authors, ministries and organizations, regardless of size, in getting their message heard, we take their online audience to the next level in their spiritual journey and help them to grow in their faith.

eFaith Preaching OnDemand provides ministries and Christian organizations with fully integrated online tools designed specifically to support their mission to reach today’s communities. We provide a variety of effective solutions for delivering content to a worldwide audience such as special live events, OnDemand video, audio streaming and downloads, and training. And by partnering with Preaching OnDemand, our clients get more than exceptional media management… we back-up our services with outstanding support 24x7. You, our client, are our number one priority. Our website,, is built around fresh, relevant content that focuses on educating our online audience and assisting them in their quest to strengthen their relationship with God. We provide audio and video programs, inspirational tools, and other resources to help Christians and seekers with their spiritual growth.

Join with us as we seek to connect believers worldwide. We would love to hear your ideas about how we can improve eFaith Preaching OnDemand. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

In Christ

The eFaith Preaching OnDemand Staff